I’m so glad you’re here.

Welcome to Mind Body Spirit Love!

My name is Jordan Shrontz, and I’m the founder of Mind Body Spirit Love, a place to find light-filled inspiration, encouragement, and practical tools to create a life full of love.

For as long as I can remember, I was a slave to my ego and its tiny mad ideas.  Negative thinking, unhealthy living, and codependent relationships eventually caught up to me as I moved back home after a breakup.  I felt that I was merely existing, I wasn’t living, and I felt so far from my true, authentic self.  I knew there had to be a better way.

After hitting my knees (a few times), I was led to the book that started my journey inward, The Untethered Soul.  This book introduced me to meditation, mindfulness, and the inner peace that I longed for.  Michael A. Singer became my first spiritual teacher. {More about that the books that have changed my life here.}

I surrendered completely and opened myself to guidance.  I began praying and meditating and I have since been led to A Course in Miracles, Gabrielle Bernstein, and many other teachers and guides along the way.  As I allow myself to stay open to guidance, I am continually led to exactly what I need.

My hope is that by sharing these tools, you too can discover a better way of living.


What You’ll Find Here

My intent for this space is to share practical tools that I have picked up along my journey, as well as inspiration, encouragement, and any cool shit that lights me up, to help you live your best life.