The Best Mindfulness Apps

The Best Mindfulness Apps

I’ve tried many mindfulness apps to keep me present and high-vibe throughout the day, so I’m sharing my favorite and most-used with you, in hopes that they may serve you as well.


The Best Mindfulness Apps

Stop, Breathe & Think

The Stop, Breathe & Think App is perfect for anyone new to meditation.  It offers a quick three-step process to creating and achieving emotional wellness everyday.  The first step, Stop, allows you to stop what you are doing and check in with the way you are feeling and what you are thinking.  The second step, Breathe, uses mindful breathing practice to reconnect with your inner peace and ease your mind of any anxious or negative thoughts.  The third step, Think, uses guided meditations based on your check-ins to create peace and calm and foster kindness and compassion.

I love the Body Scan meditation, which helps me to really check in with parts of my body that I may be holding tension, and the Falling Asleep meditation for winding down to restful sleep after a stressful day.


Available for iOS, Android, and as a web app.


Mindfulness Daily

The Mindfulness Daily App helps to build a mindfulness practice in just a few minutes a day.  This app provides you with a daily lesson to help you establish a mindfulness practice, great for starting your day, allows you to set reminders to check-in as many times as you’d like throughout the day, short Pauses for any moments of stress, and mindful reflections to end each day.

I use this app to help keep me accountable in my mindfulness practice.  I love that it tracks your activity and keeps a lifelog of your check-ins and notes throughout the day.


Currently available for iOS.                        

Sign up for the Android Beta Program!                



Spirit Junkie App

The Spirit Junkie App, created by NY Times best-selling author, Gabby Bernstein, is an affirmation alarm clock.  You can wake up to an affirmation message to set your intentions for the day and even set alarms throughout the day to continue to shift your perceptions.

I love to save my favorite affirmations and use them as background images on my phone.


Download on the App Store.



Miracles Now Card Deck App

Another brilliant creation by Gabby, The Miracles Now Card Deck App takes the card deck she created based on the principles in her book, Miracles Now, digital!   It features 62 inspirational cards that can also be sent to others or saved to use as wallpaper.

I love to use the physical deck to receive guidance when I am feeling uncertain or knocked out of alignment, so the app is perfect for when I am on the go.


Available on the App Store.



The ACIM App

The ACIM App was created for students and teachers of the metaphysical text, A Course in Miracles.  It features the Text and the Workbook, as well as lessons for Teachers.  The app allows you to read some text, read your daily lesson, write and record your lesson affirmation, and create reminders throughout the day to pause and meditate on the lesson.

This is my favorite ACIM app because it includes the text and teacher lessons.  There are other apps that feature the daily workbook lessons, but I love that I can open this app and have access to everything.


Available for iOS.




The #Truthbomb App

Danielle LaPorte’s #Truthbomb App comes with a library of 300+ #Truthbombs – little words of wisdom and inspiration –  and a brand new #Truthbomb every weekday. You can save them to your favorites, save them to your phone, or easily share them by text, Pin, or Instagram.  Shake your phone to use the app as an oracle.

I like to wake up to a #Truthbomb to start my day.


Get it for iOS or Android.



What are your favorite Mindfulness Apps?

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